Every household and office would have atleast 1 broken door knob, hinges or handles. Unhung paintings vying for your attention. We consider carpentry to be the job for experts, as it requires specialized tools and skills. We take responsibility for service delivery from end to end. We help you customize or repair your furniture, doors and windows.

At TNB Solution we are offering comprehensive carpentry services and project management on large-scale commercial sites, specializing in medium to high-density commercial and residential projects.

Why Choose TNB Carpentry Services

Customer Relations

TNB Solution carpentry service provide exceptional customer service before, during and after construction. At TNB Solution we believe in a client relationship lasting longer than a single construction.


High quality work delivered by high quality carpenters using high-quality equipment. At TNB Solution we invest in all the appropriate training, resource, insurance and maintain our standards in order to deliver on our quality promise.


At TNB Solution, we have never missed a deadline. We will be honest, we will help set expectations and ensure we deliver to your deadlines.

Advantages of Carpentry Services

  • Our professionals have hands-on experience in handling different types of carpentry projects. They know how to handle different carpentry projects in a quality, professional and affordable manner.
  • There are different types of home and office improvement projects. This enables them to offer several options for your home improvement projects. we provide you an option that will surely fit in your architectural designs and also fall within your budget.
  • Our professional carpenters have all the resources and tools required for completing any project in the best possible way. Our professionals give careful attention to all the processes from the planning to completion to ensure the durability and quality of our projects.
  • There are several factors which need careful attention. Our professional contractors take care of all these factors and adhere all the local building guidelines in order to offer long-lasting, quality and affordable carpentry services to every client.
  • Our professional contractor saves you a lot of money in the long run. Carpentry project if not handled properly can cause various problem in future. The professionals take care of all the potential problems in order to offer excellent and one-time carpentry services to every client.
  • Our professional carpenters have a good business relationship with building material suppliers. This enables them to help you in buying the right building materials at the right prices.