1.      What does TNB SOLUTION PROVIDES?

ANS.  TNB SOLUTION is a cleaning services providing company which has well-trained staff providing services for all residential and commercial areas with competitive prices.

2.      Will the cleaning professionals reach on the asked time?

ANS. We believe in on-time delivery of services, hence, we try to reach on-time. Its on rare occasions that there is a delay and we do inform our customers if it so to avoid any issue.

3.      Do I need to give any cleaning equipments to your cleaner?

ANS. No, our professionals will get there own euqipments according to the service asked.

4.      How to book your services?

ANS. We are just a call away. You can call us and do the booking and provide your address, phone number, name and the time and day of the service.

5.      Can I reschedule my appointment?

ANS. Yes, you can reschedule your appointment please call us 24hours before to do so.

6. What types of carpets do you clean?

We clean synthetic, leather, silk and wool carpets and rugs.


7. What types of furniture do you clean?

We clean office and residential furnitures made out of synthetic, leather, fabric etc. We repair every kind of default in furniture be it putting a new fabric, mending broken furniture etc.


8. Do you use harmful chemicals for pest-control?


No, we use only environment-friendly and mil chemicals, we make sure no kind of harm is done to anyone and provide a better healthy living environment.


9. Do you do mattress cleaning also?

Yes, we do provide this service also.